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my thoughts before i take my beautiful girlfriend on dates
"it’s 8:41 p.m and i’m stuck between counting the seconds since i last kissed you and worrying if it was perfect i appreciate but do not understand this process of "prettying up" i did not fall in love with a product and a pricetag  i fell for you and everything you are, you are priceless treasure and i am a shipwreck i fell in love with how everytime you breathe there is hints of my name and your i love you’s i am in love with how your long elegant hair flows in the autumn breeze i am in love with how you make every star insignificant with one single vibrant smile. just one kiss fills my chest with the sweetest forever and beautiful flowers blossom across my fragile bones by 9:00 p.m exactly you hesitantly ask these words “how do i look, baby?” i straighten my tie and swallow one shot of liquid anxiety and shyness a tsunami of you starts to ripple my bones and drown my lungs every wave is infatuted with pure beauty and perfection, each crash whispers your name through my trembling being, i felt my cheeks burning into the colour of one million roses, there is absolutely no term that could justify you you’re simply breathtaking, and without such oxygen what use do i have for these twenty four ribs?
“i …. i think you’re beautiful”

im fucking crying

Now awarding the boy friend of the year

yes oh gosh hello *drops cards* oh shit sorryr soyr *blushing* i am so thankful i’d like to thank the academy for this award and my parents for teaching me how to be a nice boy thanks mom you rock

amazing boyfriend alert

bless u

come here


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